Wait! I'm supposed to be the Alpha! -Derek

Anonymous said: Hey! Would you mind checking this fan fiction? I started writing it and it already has two chapters, but it doesn't seem to attract much people into it... can you give it a go and tell me what you think, in all honesty?? I'd be very grateful! Anyway, it is posted on the FanFiction website and you can find it in my account. If you look for it, you'll find it. My user name is The Angel In blue and the story is called Eyes On Fire. please, PLEASE, give it a shot, will you?? :)

Will do!:)


we all remember the first time we came across a smut fic

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Deputy Parrish in 4.03

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lesbatron3000 said: Hey! Im Natalia (the owner of sarcasmandvetbills) and I just wanted to say thanks for following me and stuff! I love your blog and you're a super talented writer! Btw, Derek is my bby too, he's just so attractive!

Awe thanks! :) and He is isn’t he!:))

nworbadnil said: Your blog. Is. Fucking rainbows and shit. Like it's soo perfect. Keep up the good work

Oh My Gosh! Thanks so much!