No! I was evolving!

Scott for Dakota!:) (Dirty)

To say I was horny was an understatement. Its been 2 months since Scott has made a move and I’m quiet annoyed. But tonight is different. I will be the one to start it.

I made sure to look extra sexy tonight so he would want to jump my bones. Anyway I picked out his favorite baby blue lace bra and panties with some black heels. Once I got that on I went and applied makeup and curled my hair.

When all of the sexyfying was done I looked in the mirror and smirked. I’m not going to lie. I looked hot!

Everyday before Scott gets home I’m usually sitting down watching TV but tonight I’m going to cook him dinner. Without covering up I walked downstairs and got stuff out to cook. I decided to go with pasta. Like every other romantic dinner.

Halfway through cooking the door opened and Scott walked in. I pretended not to hear him and continued cooking. Soon after I felt warm strong arms wrap around me from behind. I smirked. Its working.

His hands moved from my stomach to my boobs and gave them a light squeeze. He then moved them lower stopping at the top of my underwear. He didn’t say a word as he slipped his hand down my panties.

He used his foot to spread my legs open so he could get a better angle from behind me. He pressed his finger to me and began to circle it over my clit. I bit my lip to keep in my moans but I went crazy when he bit down on my neck a little but enough to make me moan loudly.

"That feel good baby?" Scott asked in a seductive voice.

I couldn’t open my mouth to answer so I just moaned loudly. But apparently he wasn’t having that. His hand slip out from my underwear and turned me around quickly.

"I asked if that felt good?" He asked in a demanding voice.

"Yes Scott. That feels good." I answered.

He reached around me and turned off the stove. He then picked me up and attached his lips to my neck as he walked over yo the couch. He sat me down on my feet and slipped his pants and boxers. He also pulled my panties down and unclipped my bra.

As his cock sprung up I looked down at it, in amazement. Its been so long since I’ve seen it. He pulled me down causing me to straddle him. I reached down and positioned his hard on at my enterence and slid it in me.

I started off slowly and moved in circles. I was impatient but I wanted Scott to say something.

"Move up and down baby!" He demanded gripping my hips and forced me to sit fully on him. I moaned from pleasure and pain.

I granted his wish and began to bounce up and down. But it was slow. He then grew harder in me and pushed down on my hips and backing his hips meeting my bounces.

Soon I felt my orgasm coming and then I clenched around him.

"Fuck Dakota." He moaned and began to push me down harder.

I finally let go and him soon after me. I didn’t get up, I just sat in him keeping him inside of me.

"Damn. Its been too long since that’s happened." He said. I nodded my head in agreement and kissed his lips.

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